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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Owl City~ All Things Bright and Beautiful

Owl City. The name alone makes me smile. Adam Young, the brilliant young man behind the music is a genius. The music he writes is so moving, and the lyrics are beautiful, painting such beautiful pictures with words, that at times, it makes me want to cry.
In "All Things Bright and Beautiful" Owl City does not disappoint the expectations of his fans. This album is everything we have come to expect of Owl City and more. Beautiful metaphors woven with magical music work together to create a tapestry of emotions and pictures that leaves one feeling satisfied as if one truly has seen "all things bright and beautiful".
Sound quality gets a 5. Lyrics get a 5. And of course, the music gets a 5. All three categories of content get a 5. This album is totally family friendly, anyone could listen to it without fear of being slapped in the face with inappropriate content.
Adam Young is a brilliant young man with an amazing gift. I look forward to seeing how his career progresses.

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