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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, it's been how long now? Almost three weeks since I so much as touched this blog. Wow. So much can happen in so short a time. I do have good excuse for neglecting my blog though. I started school on August 26, so I haven't had time to update my Facebook status, much less try to blog! I am getting up at 7 am every morning Monday through Thursday and driving over to the college where I stay till my classes are over at about 12:30. And then I come home and do homework! Yeah. Lots o' fun there. :-P
But, seriously, I am loving school. I ended taking Yoga and Step Aerobics for PE, both of which I am loving. I have never been that athletic or active, I prefer to curl up with coffee and a good book, but there is a sort of energy and focus that comes from exercising every morning that I have never experienced and that I love having. I also am taking Math and Freshman Comp. Math is Math. There is not much more to say on that point. English is going well I think. I love writing to begin with, so taking a writing class hardly feels like school work. It feels more like.... getting to focus almost all of my attention on my hobby.
You know, I have noticed something. I have had several people who, when they heard that I was going to college, said that they were sorry for me and that school sucks. I never understand people like that. I mean, yeah, school is hard, but it is only unpleasant if you chose to let it be. I would say that 90% of all enjoyment (or non-enjoyment) of things is a matter of your attitude. If you decide that you are going to have fun and enjoy what you are doing, you will. I don't care what you are doing, you could be scrubbing a public restroom, but if you decide to have a good attitude about it, you'll enjoy it. That is a fact of life that sadly, many people do not know, or chose not to accept. So, when people tell me that they are sorry for me, I usually smile and say don't be. I love it. School is fun. And here's the other thing. You NEVER stop learning. The world is a school, you could be 9 or 99, there is still going to be something you do not know, something that you need to learn.
Anyway, blah blah blah. I go on a lot of rabbit trails.
So, this last weekend was fun. Labor day weekend. I had a four day weekend and enjoyed it greatly. Although I spent the majority of my time working on an essay for English, I did manage to a have a little bit of fun. I kicked off the weekend by having a couple of friends spend the night and watching the premiere on "Camp Rock 2" on the Disney channel. Yes, I know. I am 17 years old and I watch the Disney channel. So sue me. The acting wasn't that great, the plot was rather predictable and not very original, unlike the first one. BUT the music and choreography were both waaaaaaay better than the first one. And since that is why I watched in the first place, I was happy.
Saturday I went down to Santa Barbara for the day and hung out. Sunday I went to church, then we came home and cleaned and then some of our family came over and we had a birthday party for my sister who is turning 7 tomorrow. Sunday night I bought a couple CDs. Ok, fine. Three. "Who I Am" by Nick Jonas and the Administration, The Camp Rock 2 Soundtrack and "Born Again" by newsboys. Monday I finished my essay and some friends came up for dinner. Yes, it was a lovely weekend.
And today was a lovely day. My family had to go to SB today, but I couldn't go cause I had school. So, I got to take my dad's car. I went to school, then I stopped by the store to get some food for lunch. It was weird to get home and have no one be there. But.... kind of nice at the same time. When I got home, I ate. Then I made cinnamon rolls and while they were rising I crocheted and watched tv till my family got home. And now, we are all going to watch a movie with my sister. So, adios world!