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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ella Enchanted

Supposedly based on a book of the same name by Gail Carson Levine, this whimsical romantic comedy is a delight to watch. But, before all of the Levine fans get excited, let's clarify one thing. The ONLY things this the movie has in common with the book is (1) Names and (2) the fact that Ella has the "gift" of having no choice but to obey. Other than that, there is no comparison. The stories are SO different. If you read the book first and loved it, you will probably hate the movie, unless you can accept the fact that it is nothing like the book.
The story gets a 4. I thought it was very original, but I did like the book better.
How well its made gets a 5. It was well made.
Language gets 1. There wasn't any.
Sexual content gets a 2. There was some kissing and a couple of girls who were ridiculously enamored with Prince Char.
Violence gets 2. There was some random slap-stick violence that was more comedy than painful.
Overall, I'm giving this movie a 5. It was a fun, family friendly video.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron proves that despite the fact that he started out as a Disney actor, he actually has some amazing talent.
In this moving teen drama, Efron plays Charlie St. Cloud, a young man who was a rising star with and amazing future. But that all changed one day when he was in a car crash that killed his little brother. Fast forward 5 years. Now Charlie is still in the little coastal town where he grew up, working in the graveyard. Most people would find working in a graveyard creepy, but not Charlie. Because Charlie's close brush with death left him with a unique ability. He can see dead people. Every day he meets his little brother to play catch.
Then enters Tess, a beautiful young woman who went to high school with Charlie. With her comes an opportunity to break free of the chains that have been keeping Charlie a recluse. But when the door is opened, will Charlie have the courage to walk through it?
The story is amazing. I found it original and entertaining. So, I'm giving it a 5.
And it was incredibly well made. So that gets a 5 as well.
Language gets a 3. Charlie's little brother has quite the attitude and a mouth to go with it.
Sexual content gets 3. There is some suggestiveness and sensuality.
Violence gets a 4. There wasn't much, but there was a little.
Overall, I'm giving this movie a 4. This was an amazing movie. Emotional, well-made and thought-provoking. But, because of some inappropriate content and mature themes, I would not suggest anyone under the age of 16 watching it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

17 Again

Zac Efron takes his first steps away from Disney and the world of "High School Musical" in this delightful teen comedy. Of course he still has to bust out a dance move or two, but then, this is his first *real* movie.
17 Again is very much like "It's a Wonderful Life". This guy things his life sucks, he falls in with some angelic being who changes his perspective, and viola! His life is great again. Of course there are some differences, most significant being that the main character, instead of never being born, is transformed into a 17 year old and given the chance to choose a different life then he did the first time.
I have to give the story a 3. It really is not that original.
How well it is made gets a 5.
Language gets a 3, there was some swearing and crude joking.
Sexual content gets a 3, there were some innuendos and inappropriate joking. But! I have to mention, the main character's (Zac Efron) view of intimacy is a good message: save it for marriage.
Violence gets a 4. There was a well-choreographed fight scene that was more funny than violent, and a couple other random things.
Overall, I'm giving this movie a 4. I personally absolutely LOVE this movie, it's in my top ten, but because of the content, I have to say that I do not think that anyone under the age of 15 should watch it.