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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron proves that despite the fact that he started out as a Disney actor, he actually has some amazing talent.
In this moving teen drama, Efron plays Charlie St. Cloud, a young man who was a rising star with and amazing future. But that all changed one day when he was in a car crash that killed his little brother. Fast forward 5 years. Now Charlie is still in the little coastal town where he grew up, working in the graveyard. Most people would find working in a graveyard creepy, but not Charlie. Because Charlie's close brush with death left him with a unique ability. He can see dead people. Every day he meets his little brother to play catch.
Then enters Tess, a beautiful young woman who went to high school with Charlie. With her comes an opportunity to break free of the chains that have been keeping Charlie a recluse. But when the door is opened, will Charlie have the courage to walk through it?
The story is amazing. I found it original and entertaining. So, I'm giving it a 5.
And it was incredibly well made. So that gets a 5 as well.
Language gets a 3. Charlie's little brother has quite the attitude and a mouth to go with it.
Sexual content gets 3. There is some suggestiveness and sensuality.
Violence gets a 4. There wasn't much, but there was a little.
Overall, I'm giving this movie a 4. This was an amazing movie. Emotional, well-made and thought-provoking. But, because of some inappropriate content and mature themes, I would not suggest anyone under the age of 16 watching it.

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